Happy Halloween

skull.gifHalloween has always been my favorite holiday… or at least since I got old enough to stop caring about Christmas.

Yet, I’m not the guy who wants to open the door and placate the children in their crappy costumes to bolster their not-yet-waning self-confidences. Even worse, I am the guy that would cuss at uncostumed teenagers and get my car egged, tires slit, home set on fire, etc.

Erin and I flew the coop tonight, but we left a bowl of candy outside with a properly spooky Halloween-style sign asking kids to take only three pieces each with Frankenstein’s monster waving “Happy Halloween”. Yes, you’re right in thinking that we went all out. Community-scheduled trick-or-treat hours were 6pm to 8pm, so we went out for two hours of Gary-n-Erin time.

But, before we left, we made a wager. Ever the cynic, I bet that our porch would get pillaged to the point that Erin would forever miss her favorite popcorn bowl… and probably within a half an hour. Always “the children are our future”, Erin bet that the bowl and pumpkin would be in tact upon our return.

I lost.

There was still candy in the bowl.

Unrelated aside: We’re on mohawk day number three… let’s see how long I can get away with it (incl. utility hat where necessary). Hooked it up on Saturday before the party at Jim’s place:
skull.gifIt’s not that uneven as the photo suggests… and worry warts rest assured, we stayed there… no driving.

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. The costume theme for Erin and I was “old school UK punk”, so I felt the V was more (in)appropriate than the horns. Also, I yelled “oi!” a lot.

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