A Few (Very Random) Things Before Bed

At one point, I found myself watching the Independent Film Channel on cable; I don’t know why. There was some crazy-ass trippy spot of this string quartet playing an old Mexican mariachi song, El Sinaloense (The Man from Sinaloa). It was awesome to see it played with not an oboe to be heard (the oboe is the most annoying instrument ever invented), and it’s on iTMS, so I bought it. The production is supposed to resemble 45rpm on purpose, but the dynamics still kick ass.

I can’t remember where I found this site: “The Haunted Mansion Secrets”. Y’know… the ride at Disney in Orlando. I rode that once in the summer between 9th & 10th grades; my girlfriend at the time and I thought it’d be fun to “mess around” on the ride because it was all dark and shit. Then, my wallet fell out of my pocket in the track-car, so we had to go back to see if they’d found it. We were escorted inside to the administrative bowels of the Haunted Mansion to claim my property… and noticed all of the high-quality “night-vision” monitors playing live video from cameras inside the ride. My first lesson in discretion (score the rhyme!)

Finally, Erin and I are going old school UK punk for Halloween. She’s going to cut my mop into a proper mohawk (hopefully blue or green if I can score some of that wash-out shit), and she’s going to stuff my old black Docs with socks (yup) so they fit on her tiny feet. Plus, I just made us a couple of crappy-by-design punk T-shirts. The requisite red anarchy symbol, and “bollocks” in black. Yes, we will be posers… but nobody at the party will know the goddamned difference because none of them have ever claimed to be punk in their entire lives… unlike some of you who read MMH. ;)