Bachelor-esque Party

Tonight, I will not be watching hockey. :( Doesn’t matter, neither the Bolts nor Caps will win tonight anyway (losers).

Instead, I will join Dan & a bunch of his friends at a bar to watch the VA Tech vs. Maryland football game on TV. I don’t really care that much about college ball, but Dan’s getting married on Saturday, and he’s a Tech freak.

Me? I would have opted for boobies.

Hockey Afterword: Bolts win six zip against Atlanta… the team which scored 15 against the Caps on a back-to-back? I thought the Thrashers were supposed to be good. In Florida, the Calder Trophy shoe-in Ovechkin gets both goals in a losing effort in/around Miami… against arguably one of the best netminders in the League?

I am so fucking confused.

2 thoughts on “Bachelor-esque Party

  1. check your other email, i sent you pictures of my one day in Tampa (pre Wilma) My favorite…Uncle envy. She’s gorgeous! You’re lucky! xo AK

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