More Day Laborer News in Herndon

There was this huge dust-up in the miniscule township of Herndon, VA about two months ago regarding whether or not the Town Council should approve a “formal, taxpayer-funded gathering spot for day laborers” some (many? few? who knows?) of whom are illegal immigrants. I addressed the location of the proposed site in August. A little over a week after that post, the Washington Post reported that the Herndon Town Council had approved the site.

Very soon thereafter, Loudoun County (adjacent to both Fairfax County and the municipal Town of Herndon) threatened to block the day laborer site with county zoning regulations because part of the building/parking lot of the old Herndon Police station lies in Loudoun County.

“Not so fast, bitches,” replied the Town of Herndon. While it’s true that the imaginary line separating Fairfax and Loudoun Counties does cross through the old Herndon Po-po… that doesn’t have anything to do with the location of the Town’s borders (as the Town was not involved in the 1954 decision to move the county line).

All systems go, right? “Not so fast, pinkos,” says the latest group of thinly-veiled racists opposing the site. Tomorrow, a group of Herndon Vigilantes will meet at the library to talk about setting up “patrols” of the day laborer site(s) fashioned after the much-maligned Minuteman Project in Arizona.

They intend to report companies who hire day laborers to the IRS. Missing from this plan is collecting actual proof that a day laborer is in the country illegally. They also plan to follow day laborers home to see if they’re living with too many other people, and report them to the Town for zoning violations. That sounds dangerously close to harrassment to me.

What it boils down to, however, is this: Having lost battle after battle against the Town of Herndon (which, IMHO, has proven itself quite compassionate and levelheaded about the whole issue), these local fucktards (my neighbors) are suffering a collective feeling of political sour grapes.


2 thoughts on “More Day Laborer News in Herndon

  1. Brought to you by, “People who think Iraq had WMDs and was involved, directly, in 9/11”. We can go play a drinking game: take a drink every time you see a “Bush/Cheney 04” sticker (double if it’s on an oversized SUV). We’ll be shitfaced in nanoseconds.

    Besides: in a government that’s pro-torture, pro-police-state, pro-treason, and against civil rights for brown people, what’s a little harrassment, esp. when it’s rich white men with plenty of vacation time, doing the harrassing?

  2. Damn, I’ve missed you guys. Here I thought I was all alone in my vitriol. Not true – I’m just 90 minutes away.

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