iTunes 6 is Crippling

While burning a CD in iTunes 6… the rest of the system becomes unusable. I tried to run ‘top’ to see how much CPU was being used, but Terminal wouldn’t launch (of course). Don’t upgrade if you have that option.

Updated 10/19/05: It’s not just burning any ol’ random CD that locks shit up; it suspends everything but the burn only when burning in iTunes. Burning in Finder doesn’t hurt anything.

Buying new shit from iTMS requires you have v6 installed to listen to them. Where you have multiple Macs, this further requires that you upgrade on all of them, and you must re-authorize all the other Macs (apart from the box used for the purchase) to playback.

Finally, and most annoyingly, if you buy some new v6 DRM’d goodness from iTMS, then attempt to sync your iPod, it will wipe & recopy all of the previous files on it. I bought five new tracks, then had to wait for it to copy the other 1865 songs to the iPod, too.

That’s not a “sync”, that’s a grudge fuck.