NHL Center Ice?

I’m still debating whether or not to sign up for the NHL Center Ice package offered by my local cable monopoly.

Yes, it’s only $129 for the whole season… less than the cost of attending one game in my Washington Capitals season tickets package ($132 for two seats plus parking ).

I’m already on the hook for 25 of 41 Caps home games, do I really need to watch hockey on TV at home—in addition to freely-available Caps away games—too? I’m thinking, “Hells yes!” Where else am I going to watch the Lightning?

Any of you MMH readers have the package?

I really have no reason NOT to sign up for it… but I’m thinking it could facilitate a hockey burn-out of sorts (unlikely)… or drive a wedge of strife between Erin and me on nights when Lost, Law & Order, House, CSI, or Grey’s Anatomy conflict with a Bolts game.

Afterthought: I hate Craig Laughlin (Caps color fag); I hate his voice; I hate his hackneyed phrases; I hate anything and everything that comes out of his mouth. What a fucking tool. Escape from that idiot may be reason enough!

4 thoughts on “NHL Center Ice?

  1. Solution: big screen picture-in-picture. Had the Bolts on last Friday while watching (and listening to) Threshhold on CBS. This way you can watch hockey, keep Erin happy, and if it isn’t a Caps game, no Bisket-in-da-basket bullshit.

    Gonna do this tonight for Bolts vs. Buffalo / Alias & CSI

    As a side note, Carla Gugino makes my pants fit funny.

  2. Get it. Then get a DVR with 2 tuners and there will be no conflicts with other shows. Once they’re recorded, Erin can watch the other shows without commercials. Or you can watch the Bolts games without commercials. Everyone’s happy!

    Catherine :-)

    P.S. Don’t be bustin’ on Locker. He is righteous!

  3. We already have one DVR. All we need is another digi-cable box for me. There’s really no use in recording hockey games to watch later. I can go to the Internets and find immediate results and boxscores if I miss the game. If I want highlights, I can hit up Sportscenter after the fact.

    As for Locker… if by “righteous” you mean “a turd burglar”… then I totally agree. He’s a tool. Joe Reekie, however, ROCKS! ;)

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