Happy Things

Yes… these are happy things.

The Wedding is (in my view) ahead of schedule. Erin’s been kicking ass; we have the date, time and place. We have the photographer(s), the cake-maker and the florist in line. She’s gotta’ find a dress… and we have to formally invite a few people. I just have to decide if I’m wearing a tux or not. Erin would disagree that shit’s all taken care of, but I’m confident it is. :)

On the Wedding tip: My best friend of all time, Joe, is also engaged. It’s more than a month after I learned of this news, but that doesn’t diminish the happiness.

Hockey is back. I don’t care if the Capitals and the Lightning are fighting for the basement at the end of the season. Hockey is back, and Erin loves going to the games in D.C. just as much as I do.

October Sixth was my eighth-year anniversary at work. More than that, I still love my job and (most of) the people I work with. Yes, there are some assholes, but they’re kinda’ peripheral nowadays.

It Works! After a month of back-and-forth trials with my doctor’s attempts to lower my blood pressure, today I learned that his latest presription succeeds in bringing my shit down from 150/100 to the healthier 112/68. Now all I gotta’ do is quit smoking for real and get fit… and get offa’ the pills.

Good Music exists. I finally posted reviews of the latest Ill Niño and Soulfly offerings over on the Fury. Plus, I get some new Daryl Palumbo action by way of yesterday’s Roadrunner United release. I miss Glassjaw a lot.


The other day—on the way home from work—I drove by this little girl—probably only 10 years old—jumping on a trampoline in her front yard with her iPod earplugs installed… singing as loud as she could to her favorite song. When I looked at her, she was in mid-air and waved at me. I waved back, and that appeared to make her just a little more happy than she already was… her feet hit the trampoline, she closed her eyes and sang louder.

My life is nowhere near perfect. But, it’s as close to perfect than I could have ever wished…