One Mystery of Life

On your running list of life’s mysteries… right after “Why are we here?”… pencil in:

“Why are the only two soap choices in the mens’ room at work Lavendar & Chamomile or Vanilla & Brown Sugar?”

We may never know; at least our hairy-knuckled hands will smell pretty in our ignorance. Every day I plead with the testosterone-laden SoapGods to bring back the Juicy Melon; it’s the only one that sounds even remotely misogynistic.

5 thoughts on “One Mystery of Life

  1. The smelly soap is about the Pussification of Men in A’merca. Vanilla brown sugar? Come on! I used to wash my hands in a SafetyKlean tank full of carb. cleaner. Get some!

    Oh ya, people who beleive in Jesus think he is with them at all times. Like that winey uplifting shit about 2 pair of foot prints in the sand bullshit, YUK.

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