Roy Jones Jr. vs. Antonio Tarver #3

Are you shitting me!?* I might have to buy that action on PPV!

For those of you who aren’t boxing fans, some quick history of the previous two bouts. Tarver won them both, but the first went the distance, and the judges gave it to Jones. In the second fight, Tarver was dominated in the first round, then KO’d Jones in the second round.

After those, both guys lost to Glen Johnson… Tarver by a split-decision… and Jones was knocked the fuck out in the ninth round, and remained on the canvas for a long time after that. Tarver beat Johnson afterward, but Jones was still on the floor at that time! No lie. ;)

Their third fight will settle a lot of bullshit. If Jones wins, even by a split-decision, I’ll be surprised. I think he’ll over-train for this fight, and will be capable of dominating Tarver every round. But if Tarver can get in one really good shot, Jones is done. Tarver’s a hell of a boxer; yes powerful, but also patient, studious and deceptively tactical. If Jones can evade that precision strike, and—as a powerhouse himself—get one of his own big shots in on Tarver, he might save his soul.

My Call: Unless Jones can evade & get a lucky shot in to end it early, Tarver wins in every other possible case.

*It’s not an interrobang, it’s a bang-quest… much like my high-school years.