I am Such a Nerd

Yeah, so you know Erin and I are engaged, right? And you know I am kind of a geek, right?

Over the past couple of evenings, I developed a web-based application for managing our wedding invite list. Why web-based? So it can run on my Mac’s Apache server, so Erin and I can update it individually or concurrently at any time, and so it will present up-to-date information at all times.


I may be a nerd, but Erin picked out the colors…

3 thoughts on “I am Such a Nerd

  1. I spec’d out an app like this, for this very same purpose (although my design was somewhat more generic). The idea being, ‘EVite are miserable cockbites who just want to get your eyeballs onto ads’, but it would be nice to track things, .ics export, RSS, and “click here to RSVP” functionality. EVite without the ads, and the suckdom.

    It would work, too. Of course the first thing I’d do is put Google text ads in. (For you see, I am a whore)

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