On the way home from work this evening, I saw a bumper sticker reading:

Muslims live by the word of Allah

Is that supposed to be informative? Otherwise, it’s redundant.

3 thoughts on “What?

  1. Christian bumper stickers are equally dumb, if not more so. Which brings to mind the question:

    Have you ever seen a pro-Judaism bumper sticker? You know, something witty like “I reject your Messiah, separate my meat and dairy, and I vote”?

    Or “Our prophets parted seas and destroyed cities, yours made a large lunch”?

    And anyway, that statement is not factually correct! Muslims live by the word of Allah as handed to Mohammed the Prophet (PBUH) /and/ the collected sayings of the Prophet (the Hadiths), plus the body of material recognized by Islamic jurists as a kind of “constitutional law” of the /Umma/, the Shari’ah.

    That makes a really shitty bumper sticker though. Unless you’ve got one of those gigantor Nissan things.

  2. And that my friends, is why I’ve been friends with Gary for so long.

    But, I’m thinking I need to hang with Gregg, too b/c that shit? Hilarious.

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