Okay, Katrina

I had an argument tonight with a couple of friends about the impact(s) of hurricane Katrina. It’s the worst catastrophe in American History (according to them)… of course, body count doesn’t factor. What’s a couple hundred (maybe a thousand) corpses? It’s all about the money; it will cost more to rebuild, etc. and think about everyone who lost everything! It will cost $29 BILLION dollars to fix the damage (according to them); when asked, they attribute that made-up number to the insurance companies that were quoted by… someone on TV… maybe.

Isn’t it odd that the body count in Louisiana and Mississippi doesn’t matter (as in Iraq), yet it’s the MoneyYardStick that people are using to gauge the importance of tragedy (but not with regard to Iraq)? X people died, who cares? How much will it cost America? $29 BILLION?! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Oh… Iraq? Eh… what’s a trillion dollars here or there?

I am a callous person by nature—granted—but I understand the loss and suffering of those affected by Katrina. It’s horrific. But to argue that her wrath is worse than 9/11 or the tsunami in the Indian Ocean?

Yeah, keep sucking on the Fox News teat and load up your scatter-gun so you can blast you some goddamn’ lootin’ niggers… you fucking retards.

No offense…