The Perfect Cop-Out

This li’l rant was too long to post in comments over on DCeiver. Read his post first as prep work before continuing.

Y’there with me? Okay…

The weakest link in public education today is… g’head, guess… the goddamned, lazy-ass parents who think their own misplaced sense of entitlement extends to their floundering children.

Most times, the blame rests upon the school administrators and teachers, who—more times than not—are the overtaxed souls who provide that “free” tutoring, simply because those parents are failing at… hrm… parenting.

Students in the public education system today are basically wards of the state, through no fault of their own, nor that of those tasked with rearing them in the absence of the egg and sperm donors.

The schools are the easy target.

Why aren’t the parents easy targets? Because parents are the people carrying the BitchTorch and have to point a finger at someone other than themselves. Why aren’t the State and Federal Governments easy targets? Because of No Child Left Behind, one of the slyest examples of administrative sleight-of-hand in recent history. “Look! We’re making education better! (Now you can’t blame us for underfunding education because we set the bar, bitches.)”

It’s complete bullshit. The “hands-off” approach taken by the parents and governments alike (read: abject lack of personal or institutional accountability) places the onus of education on the shoulders of the kids and the teachers.

Kids need guidance and lots of help from their parents. Teachers need funding and lots of help from the kids’ parents. See the common link? It’s the parents. They’re the missing link. The current state of things is untenable, and doomed to fail… all the while dragging the students and teachers further down the Teflon spiral of failure.

Unfortunately, however, “raising my kids is someone else’s job”. Fucking retards.


One thought on “The Perfect Cop-Out

  1. I completely agree. Parental Units use the public school system as a babysitting function. There is no participation at home. Teachers are expected to pick up the slack. It’s their responsibility to teach and guide…not be parents.

    Problem: I don’t want the government to have to regulate that. I understand the sentiment that launched “No Child Left Behind” but without interfering in private lives…what’s to do? Circular.


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