Jesus Freaks in Lab Coats

From the New Yorker (via reddit): Why intelligent design isn’t. Choice cut:

As the years pass, intelligent design looks less and less like the science it claimed to be and more and more like an extended exercise in polemics.

Suck it.

One thought on “Jesus Freaks in Lab Coats

  1. quote: Blood clotting—another of Behe’s examples of irreducible complexity—involves at least twenty proteins, several of which are similar, and all of which are needed to make clots, to localize or remove clots, or to prevent the runaway clotting of all blood.

    You can make S go insane by attempting to use blood clotting as an example of ID. Frankly the designer of blood clotting was pretty goddamn dumb. It’s inefficient, erratic in performance, liable to kill you if the slightest thing goes wrong, or allow you to die by failing to act in an instant…

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