Day Laborers

Gregg voices his opinion on the ongoing saga in Northern Virginia known as “day laborers”. It’s a politically and racially charged issue up around here, especially in Herndon, where I live. Basically, I agree with Gregg; Kilgore is a douche-bag. A couple of points, though. Gregg says:

I am sure, despite my lefty liberal bent, I’d not want to live next door to the day labor center.

Thing is, the proposed day-laborer site in Herndon is not next door to any residential areas. It would be housed in the facility that the Herndon police department is currently using, on the corner of Rock Hill Road and Route 606 on the border with Loudoun County (google map). It’s next door to the Town of Herndon’s Public Works facility (garage, etc.), the local recycling center, and across the street from an auto shop and a 7-11.

While there are some residential areas nearby, I would argue that it’s farther away from houses than the current congregation point at Alabama Ave. & Elden St… the 7-11 that gets so much bad publicity (google map). It’s less of a traffic hazard, too, since the location has its own parking area.

I’m all for the proposed site. I actually want my tax dollars funding something like this.

2 thoughts on “Day Laborers

  1. From the satellite photos, it looks like the proposed site is pretty close to some houses, but it really is more geographically isolated from any of the nearby residences. It’s at a fairly major intersection that seems to be zoned solely for commercial use. It’s not next door to anyone’s property. You’d have to go out of your way to disturb somebody. Plus, having lived off Rock Hill Road back in the day… that road is so narrow & well-travelled that nobody in their right mind would want to be a pedestrian there.

    At Alabama & Elden 7-11, if you walk one block down Alabama, you’re in front of somebody’s house. It really is quite close to that neighborhood.

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