Season Tickets: It’s On

I got some of the guys at work to go in on full season tickets to the Washington Capitals. The seats aren’t exactly where I wanted them, but I landed Section 104, Row J… which are still pretty damned good seats.

Plus, I’m getting opening night and all four Tampa Bay Lightning games. Alex, fly up for a game (psst, also got the Blackhawks on Jan. 10th)?

Personal shout-outs: Yokes: may/may not be able to snag the Toronto game on Feb. 3rd. Morgan: it’s looking unlikely that I’ll snag Wings tickets on Dec. 9th, but Erin’ll want to go anyway, so maybe we make it a foursome and get additional tickets off plan? Foof: I may be able to finagle a Flyers game for you, but it looks like it’ll be New Year’s Eve? I would be remiss if I didn’t include the required disclaimer here: “Flyers suck!” ;)

Oh, hockey’s on, bitches… it’s on!

One thought on “Season Tickets: It’s On

  1. Just another game you will buy tickets, invite me and then you will take someone else – tell the truth. I think you are afraid I will see your love to the Flyers. I know you are a closet fan.

    The Flyers Wheaties box was a dead give away!

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