NHL Schedule Highlights

I found out that the NHL released the 2005-06 schedule today after Shawn emailed me talking about specific games in D.C. (I didn’t get the chance to check Boltsmag all day).

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2005: Opening night with the Caps hosting the Blue Jackets (snore!), and defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning hosting hockey powerhouses, the Carolina Hurricanes. (Powerhouses?) What an extravagant opening night for fans of both home clubs.

The Capitals host the Bolts at the MCI Center in D.C. on:
Sunday, Oct. 16, 2005
Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005 (I smell bday presents for Erin!)
Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005
Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006

Interestingly, the Lightning will not face the Calgary Flames at all during their regular season Western Conference stints.

Now all I have to do is call over to the Caps ticket office and see if I can strong-arm/swindle/beg-and-plead for a 19-game weekend plan in my old seats (Sec. 104, Row G, Seats 6 & 7). *shrug* Fuck it… it’s worth a shot!


3 thoughts on “NHL Schedule Highlights

  1. I love going to hockey games and I have truely missed it this year. However, I do believe the November Caps/ Bolts game sounds more like a Gary bday present to me.

  2. I’m just sayin’

    Toronto vs.:

    Nov 5 2005, Sat HOME Lightning 7:00 PM ET –

    Nov 6 2005, Sun AWAY Capitals 5:00 PM ET –

    Nov 8 2005, Tue HOME Capitals 7:30 PM ET –

    Mar 11 2006, Sat HOME Lightning 7:00 PM ET –

  3. Sean: You forgot:

    Nov 30 2005, Wed AWAY Lightning 7:30 PM ET

    Jan 31 2006, Tue AWAY Lightning 7:30 PM ET

    Feb 3 2006, Fri AWAY Capitals 7:00 PM ET

    Feb 28 2006, Tue HOME Capitals 7:30 PM ET

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