Now I’m Depressed

I just saw “Farenheit 9/11” for the first time tonight. Erin watched it with me, but I won’t even try to speak for her.

While it’s definitely propaganda, at least it’s something that can offer ballast against the propaganda we get shoved up our ass every day. Somewhere in the middle is the absolute truth.

But, we’ll never know what that is, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Now I’m Depressed

  1. When you ignore his idiotic assertion that Iraq was a happy land of paradise before the invasion, and his offensive assertion that American soldiers are bloodthirsty goons who blare rock music as they sunder the aforementioned paradise, the portions of the film that aren’t cribbed from “House of Bush, House of Sa’ud” are what are known in the industry as “deliberate falsehoods”, or “lies” to us regular folk.

    Of course many of the “debunker” sites are still – STILL! – beating the dead horses of WMD, Saddam + al Qaeda 4EVA, and the rest of the house of cards the neocons sold lock, stock and barrel to the American people.

    Have i mentioned S and I are thinking about leaving the country?

  2. At one point in the movie, Erin said, “Oh, shit… now you’re going to want to move to Canada.”

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call ’em “deliberate falsehoods”, but the majority of the points he makes are taken out of context, and don’t necessarily apply to the new context in which he places them. I’d call ’em “deliberately misleading”.

    The most disturbing part of the flick was the scenes of the big defense contractors’ meeting where they talked about the amount of death and destruction, and the amount of money to be gained from it.

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