Any Excuse

… to blow shit up.

July 4th (Independence Day in America, for my international readers) is still a few days away. Yet, assholes still feel the need or urge to set off bottle rockets and firecrackers and whatever at almost 2am.

Now, I’m not trying to be that “You kids get off my lawn!” guy. I’m trying so hard not to be that guy in my old age.

But, seriously, July 1st fireworks? That’s unnecessarily ghey.

2 thoughts on “Any Excuse

  1. How about dipshits across the retention pond starting on June 28th?!?! Granted, they are done by 10pm, but for fucks sake, at least wait until the Fourth. Use up the rest on the Fifth. Then leave me the hell alone until New Year’s Eve. By the way, I’m pretty damn happy to be “that guy.”

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