Crybaby Whine Fucks

According to CNNSI, someone at the Toronto Sun penned:

The NHL lockout is expected to be over soon. Yippee! Three jeers, (oops, darn typos!) three cheers, for Gary Bettman. All this fuss so that NHL hockey can live in Tampa and Carolina and Nashville. They should be building a statue to Bettman in Florida next to Ponce de Leon — another guy who went looking for the fountain of youth for his owners but couldn’t find it.

[emphasis mine] Jesus-fuckin’-Christ when will the Canadians (or at least Canadian journalists) stop being so pissed off that the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup instead of Calgary?

Yeah, build a fucking statue to Bettman in Florida… so that hockey can live in Edmonton, Ottawa, Buffalo, Pittsburg, and D.C. where teams are losing more money and drawing fewer fans than Tampa, Carolina and Nashville. Fucking putzes.


4 thoughts on “Crybaby Whine Fucks

  1. *nod* Thank you, sir.

    Pass the word along to your fellow BitterFucks.

    We all miss hockey. Please quit hating and let the healing begin?

    Y’know… after the new CBA.

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