I Miss Hockey

Tonight before the 3rd episode of “Entourage”, HBO ran a montage of their original series to parlay the upcoming “Rome” (too many French words!). The soundtrack was “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

Fuck you, HBO. You have tainted my Hockey Song.

The very first time I heard that song was while viewing the Stanley Cup video that JF linked to over at Boltsmag (the video is still available for download). Every time I hear that song, I always turn it way up and yell to Erin, “It’s the fucking hockey song!” (I never hear it on the radio unless she’s right there with me). Sure, I bought that shit on iTunes, but hearing it when I actively play it isn’t serendipitous.

Yeah, so after TV, I had to come back over to the Mac and watch that goddamned video five times. Goosebumps galore.

An entire fucking season lost, and the NHLPA sucking owner cock by taking a lower salary cap than was offered during lockout. I don’t care about any of that shit.

I need hockey back. We all need hockey back.

3 thoughts on “I Miss Hockey

  1. Given that they suck, Caps tickets are way easy to score. I doubt The Job would take kindly to my moving out of the country… plus it gets too goddamned cold up there, and you use funny math for temperatures and stuff.

  2. Excellent. Leafs tickets here are impossible to get non-scalped.

    -20C isn’t THAT cold you pussy. And don’t worry about the math.. when it hits -40C (which it does) it is the same as -40F. :-)

    Today it is going to be around 28C (86F).

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