What is Your EQ?

Finally tonight, a survey.

During my romp through The Agony Scene’s new album (xref PRF), I decided to check my iTunes’ equalizer setting. Y’know… because maybe there’d be a way to tweak the sliders to make things sound better.

After a few nudges, and close attention paid the ‘Sticks, I realized that I’m completely satisfied with my “GMP” EQ action.


If you have iTunes, WinAmp or any other music application on your computer (Mac or not), take a screenshot and send it to me. I’d like to try out your favorite settings to hear what you hear. Then again, if you have an actual hardware EQ, snap a digital pic and hook me up, eh?


One thought on “What is Your EQ?

  1. Just a comment… but Dad’s EQ on the old silver amp was set EXACTLY the same. Co-ink-a-dink or genetics?

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