The Impending Death of Monochrome

It’s been six months since the last redesign. Time for a new look, don’t you think? I do; I’m fucking sick of this blandgreen monoChromatic Death. Recognize the old-school reference, bitchez! (Anthrax cover of S.O.D.; look it up everyone but Chico)

Upcoming: the rebirth of the linked list on the main page by way of a sidebar… hopefully also to include links to my latest posts on The Fury. Also, I’m getting rid of the stupid little link graphics (comments, link, trackback); I hate it when I try to be clever and end-around common sense by replacing text with shitty icons.

I’ll keep the MMH logo, though… that’s actually the one good thing that came out of the last redesign.

And, yes, I totally just bought “Attack of the Killer B’s” offa’ iTMS.


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