Mac-ish Thoughts

I don’t like the new iMac “the screen is the computer” design. The body (display) pivots back and forth offering a variety of viewing angles, but there is no way to adjust its height, like in the previous “iLamp” model. Yeah, I realize that you can’t tweak the height of the display or monitor on pretty much every computer except the previous-generation iMac, so call me a spoiled little brat if you want to. But I found it quite the bitch trying to stack various things under the stand to get it at the proper altitude above my desk.

Adobe CS2 must be Bloatware Extraordinaire (rhyme), at least compared to their previously-distended offering. The first CS release is a dog on the home 1GHz G4 with 256M RAM, but CS2 is slower than a motherfucker on the work 1.8 GHz G5 with 512M RAM. WTF?

As for Tiger (OS X 10.4.1), I was happy to discover that all of my previously-used applications and plug-ins work for the most part. I’m still not sold on that whole Spotlight thing, though…

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