Enough Already!

I am sick of all the “color palette” sites, “hot colors of today” sites, and all the rest of the design-idiot enabling websites (see here, here, here, or here to link a few) that warrant popular-link status on del.icio.us. Granted del.icio.us (or your social bookmarking vector of choice) is going to dumb-down the web for the masses. I realize that.

And, while I agree these online tools and their ilk (am I speaking of A. the color-related websites or B. those who use them?) are convenient (answer: A), but it goes against standard design principles, where the one doing the work actually has working knowledge of their task-at-hand, or some otherwise Rainman eyeball to make shit look pretty.

I guess my point is: Even if you have the hottest, coolest color palette; the hottest, coolest CSS stylesheet; the hottest, coolest Javascript tricks… but you don’t know anything about design… guess what?

Your website will still suck, despite your copy/paste cobbed code efforts… because you didn’t invest the time to learn about design.

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