Gonzo Fashion Sheep

Last Friday after the middle-school talent show, Erin and I headed out to Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington to catch Gonzo’s Nose 80s Night. I betray my “fuckin’ metal!” facade from time to time for a solid cover band… especially if they belt out some kickass “Rebel Yell” action as The Nose did on Friday.

But, given that we were in Arlington, we found ourselves at Ground Zero of Hill Rat Yuppie Central (HRYC, pronounced hurrr-ick, as in a vomitous utterance). As such, I found myself amazed at the sheer number of similarly-dressed, “fashionable” dickheads. From the WaPo:

If it’s okay to wear a striped shirt untucked, you go out at night and see 90 percent of the men in the same trend…

Yeah, 90 percent is a fuckin’ conservative estimate.

By our count, there were three guys out of many hundreds (to say it was a sausage party would be an understatement) who were not wearing a striped button-down, untucked over black slacks or khakis. The HRYC unbuttoned cuff-flip was at about 70% of observed assholes.

There was one guy in a red 80s track suit, another in a t-shirt and jeans, and me. I wore my standard ball cap emblazoned with the company acronym and a black fleece hoodie over jeans and sneaks.

Does that make me unfashionable? Yes, absolutely… and thankfully.