Snippets of Science

As immaturity may be a result of certain chemical imbalances, here are a few interesting articles I stumbled upon within the last few days:

Kudzu is a non-native climbing weed that can grow up to 2-3 feet per day, and is considered a nuisance in southern U.S. climates where it grows most pervasively. Yet, it might get your kid off the bottle.

Now that you’ve overcome your child’s burgeoning alcoholism, you may want to get the little fucker vaccinated against nicotine.

Nice work, responsible parent!

Now… don’t over-do it with commercially famous antibacterial this-and-that bullshit. Germs are good to a certain extent, because they build up the immune system. Overuse of antibiotics and other scaredy-cat salves only serves to breed resistant strains of li’l invisible buggy-boos that will… hrm… probably kill you.

Unless, of course, you have some SuperWater under the sink next to the extra rolls of toilet paper.