Body Count of Shitty Bands

The following does not belong on Pure Rock Fury, as it’s more personal than informative.

My brother sent me more codes for free iTMS song downloads. Since I already spent a buck for Skatenigs’ “Chemical Imbalance”, I had to find something else that the two of us shared from back in the day. The last time he hooked me up, it was Iron Maiden. Tonight? Enter Body Count: “There Goes the Neighborhood”, “KKK Bitch”, and “Body Count”. Not only do we have the original release with “Cop Killer” on it… we saw them live on the original Lollapalooza tour in Orlando. Thanks again, bro!

Shit I might have purchased at one point, based on band loyalty, that I will not waste my time with:
Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth
System of a Down: Mesmerize
Dave Matthews Band: Stand Up

There’s a band named “Five for Fighting”… which makes me think about hardcore hockey action (sniffle), and the kind of music they play in arenas to get hockey fans pumped up. *donk* Exact opposites. That band sucks purple cock; they’re a bunch of fine chinas.