Blackura Apocalypse

Part 5 in an Ongoing Series


I spoke with Randy over at the trans shop. The Blackura needs a full-up transmission rebuild. Second gear is completely shot, and he said part of the clutch drum is broken, which further damaged the springs and stuff inside. So, I’m looking at around US$2,200 to $2,600 for the rebuild, maybe more.

After asking about a new tranny, Randy said that a rebuild is always 30-50% cheaper than a new transmission, due to all the markup and cost amortization applied by all the intermediate vendors, warehouses and shippers. That makes sense… as does a higher profit margin for the trans shop, given the same time/amount of labor versus cheaper cost outlay for constituent parts.

And (as I’d previously known), the driver-side front wheel bearing does, in fact, need to be replaced. It wasn’t a bearing in the transmission, which Randy and his crew verified with a stethoscope. Add approximately $250.

Looks like I’ll be keeping that ol’ dog around for a while. Fucker’s going to be almost new by the time I get it back next week.


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