Recent Huge Developments

For those of you who completely missed the blatant announcement: Erin is moving in with me. Soon, too.

This is a big thing for me, since I’ve never lived with a female who wasn’t my mother or sister. But that’s not the point. This is a huge thing for Erin, since it’s her life that’s being up-ended and thrown into chaos.

But I think she’s going a great job, in spite of the disarray.

This past weekend, she accepted a teaching job out here… far from where she’s been schooling for the past six years, but quite close to her soon-to-be new home. Then, we hooked up some hardcore-home-improvement action on her condo, which will hit the still-hot (around here) real estate market as soon as possible.

While I may be a bit flummoxed at the prospect of taking this step for the first time, her life is undoubtedly more disturbed given the circumstances and the automatic uncertainty they portend. Erin is kicking ass with all this bullshit, whether she realizes it or not.

That comforts me.

Erin may be my second “right” decision in life (the first being the job I’ve had for so long), but Erin is my first “great” pursuit in life. I love you, baby.


3 thoughts on “Recent Huge Developments

  1. Like I always say “You are my favorite boyfriend.” I love you too, honey. I appreciate having your words of support through the transistion. Not to mention having you around as my personal handy man.

  2. Well done, Gary. Well done. To celebrate, if you’re interested, I’m offering a free matted (which is now being offered across the board.. see website for details) print to decorate your place!

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