Blackura Downdate

… because “update” sounds a little too optimistic at this point.

I spoke w/ my main man, Alan, at the shop today. As you read his words, imagine a slow-talkin’ local boy who saw action back in ‘Nam.

Got the oil change done. There’s definitely something weird going on with your transmission or transmission control system… which is the happier and cheaper one to fix. As for the wheel bearing, we couldn’t get a fix left or right on that; but, there’s a bearing in the transmission that can make that noise. We poked around inside there, tried a couple of things, but didn’t wanna’ go too far. You can take it to Acura or you can go to a transmission shop, who’d have more information in their computer than I got in mine… there’s one about three hundred feet from here on Grove. Right now, I’m at $18.50 for the oil change, since I ain’t gonna’ charge you for not doin’ nothin’ on the transmission.

That’s why Alan and his shop get my business. They won’t do anything if it doesn’t need doing… and they don’t charge you for not fixing something. One time, I asked him why my tires weren’t rotated, as I’d requested. He said they didn’t need it yet, so they didn’t do it. “I ain’t gonna’ charge you for somethin’ that don’t need done.”

So, as it stands, the Blackura is at the trans shop down the street from Alan’s shop, and I’ll give them a buzz tomorrow to see what’s up. I’m a-feared.

One thought on “Blackura Downdate

  1. Mmmmm-hmmmm…(sling blade tone),

    Looks like you’ll be needin’ some headlight fluid, a mochus-pin, and a gingis-rod, but I reckon that pin won’t like that rod on top of it, so I’ll have to vulcanize the swapin’ grease before I know how much to charge ye.

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