Brief Hellish Respite

You know what? You’re absolutely right. I have neglected the blogs lately. My bad. Meanwhile, back at the real-life ranch… where shit actually matters…

Work’s office move is in full swing. Things haven’t gone as smoothly as planned, but that’s supposed to be expected. It still kind of pisses me off, though.

Various contractors and vendors have shown signs of weakness and ineptitude… some more than others. But, I think the one thing that disappoints me the most is that some people in our company have an almost-documented history of actively avoiding involvement in coordinating the office move, yet comfortably find it their place to have an opinion on the very day the movers start hauling shit over from the old office.

A number of us (not just me!) have been elbow-deep in administrative shit for the last 3-4 months making sure that every minute aspect of the move goes as smoothly as humanly possible. Knowing full well that such a tenuous schedule could take a shit at any given moment, we had contingency plans at the ready.

YET. These other motherfuckers—whose entire scope is limited to where their office is located in the new space and whether or not they have a window or outside-facing door—are TODAY actively questioning our ability to get the move done as best we can?!

Yeah, so: Fuck y’all. Seriously.

Oh, almost as an afterthought… if I’m not “at the office” to help you in your own glowing moment of ineptitude because I’m at the “new office” setting up servers so people can work from home and we don’t lose man-hours (read: money)… so fucking sorry. I kowtow, please dole out the lashes as you see fit, and… hrm… fuck you. Seriously.

Now that I’ve vented, I’m over it. Tomorrow, I will go into work with one sole purpose: Get everyone set up on the new networks, grease all the squeaky joints, and make everything work.