Meatspace Shopping Spree: The Sequel

I guess they’re few and far-between… (the original)… but still not a bad name for a band.

Yesterday, I was sick like a mofo, but put in a solid 5-6 hours at work in prep for the move of the decade. After knocking out some hardcore packing action (and after one too many dust-invoked sneezing fits), I hit up the local electronics Mega-Lo-Mart—in person—to buy some shit.

I hooked up the new Strapping Young Lad and new-ish Dry Kill Logic CDs. [reviews up at the Fury soon] Plus, I landed one of those expandable 5.8 GHz cordless phones to replace the 900MHz piece of shit with the 20-minute battery which has victimized my cell phone bill ever since I moved in to the new place. Even better, I got the ancillary slave phone for the basement.

This afternoon, I swung over to Tim & Steph’s place. Remember them? C’mon… from the Superbowl party. Yeah, that Tim & Steph. Anyway, we had some beers and ribeyes. Tim is the master chef, no lie. I totally snagged one of his recipes for Erin, too… unfortunately, it was for curry chicken.

I wore shorts and a jacket.