Code Trees

This is really geeky… so you know I find it cool. I found this online java applet that creates a tree structure from the code of any website. [via mefi] So, I ran four websites through the applet, each with their own distinguishing characteristics, and all of which I’ve had something to do with. Check them out (click to see ‘em full size):

Top-left: Looking like a collection of potted trees from the local nursery is a small, Zope-powered community website I designed and coded.

Top-right: Things are filling out a bit when the tree structure is built from a work-related website that hasn’t quite taken wing.

Bottom-left: A nice stand of trees generated from our own domain (incl. Fury, Gregg, Karen and me).

Bottom-right: A virtual forest of trees and colors… generated from work’s main website, which I’ve coddled and watered for the past 6-7 years. Yeah, that’s right… we rule.

Note: The only way the online images were altered was to crop and resize the screen captures, and to remove the URLs of the websites to protect the innocent.


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