Fuck the Guess-the-Google

Want to know why? Because the dude’s Flash shit got broke. After going 10-of-10 without a single wrong guess, I got 374 points (out of a possible 400)… and I attribute that to some mysterious lag whereby I’d guess the phrase before the collage finished loading, and was credited with 17 seconds (points) when I should have won at least 19, and probably 20. Seriously… I type 92-109 wpm. This bitchin’ isn’t about the lag… either his site is getting hammered (likely), or my cable throughput blows (more than likely).

My moanin’ focuses on how his Flash shit used to work: After you finished the game, it’d jump you to the slot to enter your name and submit your score. Today, it just hangs… and today is when homeboy changed some website shit around. Used to be that (yesterday) you could hit up the URL and start playing the game. Now, that same URL redirects you to the “launcher” page, and the original URL now requires a query-string argument of “l=1” (that’s lowercase ell equals one) before the fuckin’ thing will let you play. Regardless of whether or not the new query-string has anything to do with the broke-dick Flash app… it does not jump you to the “submit your score” part after a markedly impressive performance.

Yet, it still displays “Today’s Top Scorers” before you start the game. Isn’t that a little misleading? Taunt me with scores I know I can beat, yet provide no means by which to submit my score. Yeah, maybe I fell into the trap, but fuck you “Guess-the-Google” guy, you suck.

I submit my score thusly:
Bite me, Hubert.