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It’s been months since I’ve exercised the quads (and gastrocnemii) and taken that step up atop my soapbox. Here goes:

I found myself surprised that I was arguing against a Liberal this past weekend. Erin called it, saying I was playing Devil’s Advocate… which I was, but not because I’m not a Liberal (I most certainly am)… but because the woman with whom I was actively battling is what I’d deem “unrealistically beholden” to her beliefs.

Her core argument was that America—more specifically, our society—is suffering under the will of fundamental religious beliefs; the christians are so mired in faith and religion that they cannot see what’s “right” for our country. She argued that they (and our Administration) are pursuing their own agenda with complete disregard for the well-being of our country and society.

Two points:

1) Her base opposition to their stance also comes from a fundamental belief… her self-fashioned religion of “liberalism”. One can never argue with belief, because it requires no evidence… that’s the fucking definition of belief, as I see it. So, it’s okay for her to believe in something, but it’s not okay for those goddamned jesus freaks to believe in something else?


2) She’s absolutely right that our Administration is pursuing their own agenda at our expense, but it has absolutely nothing to do with religion. But, it has everything to do with perpetuating the power legacy… the religious angle is just a tool in service of reaching that goal.

The “God” thing and the “Moral” thing won the election, so thanks very much. Let’s see how much we can milk that cow.

Day by day, however, the majority of American society (read: those who aren’t already obscenely wealthy) sees the smoke clearing, and recognizes the motives of the Administration for what they are… self-serving and, as some religious types would define it: Evil.

Just as I argued with R2D2-woman, and as I wrote over a year ago (before the election), American society is a self-regulating, institutional pendulum.

While it might suck hardcore pig’s ass for you, the Visionary, to be alive with an opinion in April, 2005… it will suck just as hardcore for your adversaries in the future. Don’t be an asshole and lock your jaw on what’s in immediate bite radius… without realizing that you’re being duped.

Classic sleight-of-hand.


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  1. It is like she is screaming “I’m so intolerant of intolerance” and completely missing the irony.

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