Weeds and a Haircut: Two Bits

I will skip over how I was never notified of new comments (sorry, MB & SMG). That’s an ISP issue, trust me.

On to the real bitching: I have some previous-owner-landscaped real estate out back. While I give them credit for hooking up some pretty low-maintenance flora… there are weeds. I’m not a horticulturist, but I know what a weed looks like. If there’s no doubt, I’ll yank the fucker.

But, there are some weed-looking sprouts that feature pretty flowers. Is it an incognito weed plying the pretty flowers to disguise its nefarious plan to overgrow everything? Or, is it an intended sprout that—other than the pretty flowers—unwittingly looks like a weed? And what about those “weeds” that might actually be little baby trees.

Fuck it. I’m buying napalm.

So… the last time I went to the “barber shop” to get my head shaved, the guy kind of fucked it up. Twenty or so hairs on my cowlick were way too long after the fact, but I fixed it after I got home.

Aside: I have the clippers at home, but it takes me 2-3 times longer to do it myself… with all the mirror positioning and whatnot… than it does to pay $12 to have someone else do it.

Yesterday, the same guy at the same “barber shop” missed a whole section of my head. Of course, he gave me the mirror-behind-the-head while looking-at-the-big-mirror quick tour… but the lack of proficiency only became apparent in the flip-down mirror on the way back to work (after I’d already paid for the shit). So, again, I had to fix my own shit with the clippers at home.

Now… I’ve been going to that “barber shop” for a couple of years; only recently has the talent jumped ship. Knowing that the regular guys (who often had customers waiting for their dude-of-choice) were gone… am I an idiot to think that the management wouldn’t replace them with barbers of equal or better skill?

Yes, I am an idiot for thinking so. Those guys are out of the band. I’d rather fuck up the back of my head than pay someone else to fuck up sections that I can actually see without magic mirror action.