KMFDM + bloodsimple = Fury

Just bought me some new KMFDM and bloodsimple from the venerable iTMS; my reviews will be posted over on the Fury soon.

Speaking of the Fury (weren’t we?), expect that section of Neurobashing to receive a lot more attention from now on (previous mention here). Shit, it’s already started happening.

Gregg talked me out of buying new CoC with his review.

Finally, for the sake of my co-workers who also share their iTunes libraries, I will rip KMFDM’s “Nihil” and that one release with just symbols for the title… which I personally refer to as “Chaos” when I have to refer to it at all. And, bloodsimple features two former members of Visions of Disorder… whose “Imprint” release has always been in my library… as “Jada Bloom” has always been one of my favorite songs.