Frozen Two: There can be Only One

I forgot to DVR the 2pm game where #2 Denver beat #3 Colorado College 6-2. But, I did get to watch the entire #4 Minnesota vs. North Dakota game tonight, where the Gophers (Minn.) got spanked 4-2.

It really was a spanking. Minnesota was down 2-0 after the 2nd period on even-strength goals by Erik “The Amphibian” Fabian. Minnesota’s grave was deeper after Travis “I’d like to buy a vowel” Zajac scored a power-play goal—and followed up with a short-handed goal—within the first five minutes of the final period. The Sioux were up 4 to zip.

Minnesota forward Mike Howe livened things up a little by getting a goal and assisting on Gino Guyer’s goal within about a minute-and-a-half… soon after Zajac’s shortie. It looked like the Gophers were finally getting in the game. With the majority of the third still left to play, it very well could have turned into a competitive game.

Alas, North Dakota’s squad proved too effective at stifling the Gophers’ half-assed attacks. “Half-assed” is the over-arching adjective I’d use to describe Minnesota’s play tonight. I felt like I was watching a Bolts game from three seasons ago.

Anyway, the Final is set for Saturday: #2 Denver Pioneers (who won the NCAA title last year) versus unseeded North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Game’s at 7pm on ESPN, and I’ll be rooting for the underdog: North Dakota Fighting Sioux.