The Invasion? On Schedule.

(Psst… don’t tell Whitey that we’re planning one.)

First, there was “Stand and Deliver”: The heart-warming tale of Mexican-American calculus students in California.

Then, local radio station WHFS changed formats from alt. rock to Latin pop. [Post, DCist] I thought that was a pretty good move, since it halved the number of radio stations in the D.C. metro area playing Alice in Chains.

Today, I ran across “La Vida Robot” on the Wired website (found via MeFi). It’s a well-written story of four “undocumented” Mexican high schoolers from Phoenix who enter a national competition to build an underwater robot. Read it… really… these kids are geniuses.

How are these three things linked? Um… <shifty-eyes>… they’re not… not at all.