I’ve been exceptionally busy at work and home lately, so posting frequency has suffered. My bad. Recent happenings from newest to oldest:

New Fury
Gregg has a vision, and I have the design. We’re collaborating on getting the latest version of Pure Rock Fury up to speed. As of now, the design is mostly done, and the functionality is ramping up day-to-day. The Fury will (hopefully!) eventually prove to be the premier website for metal/hardcore/punk music info in the greater D.C. metro area.

Commercialized Easter
Erin and I spent the day watching previously-DVR’d TV. She wore her pink PJs for most of the day, so fulfilled the marshmallow Peeps and Easter-egg coloring quotas in one fell swoop. She hooked me up with a few hard-boiled eggs, and taught me how to make them before leaving. In total, I ate seven (7) hard-boiled eggs on Sunday. I also saw the bunny who lives in the common, park-like area behind my place that night. So, to review: Pink, peeps, eggs, bunny… yay for Agnostic Easter!

Plus, Matt is engaged nowadays. Although I’ve never met the guy, that’s awesome. Congratulations, bro.

Easter Holyday
I have no doubt that Jesus, as a man, existed. IMHYEFRALC*, he was not the son of [whomever], and was not divine. Plus, resurrection is a biological impossibility beyond a few minutes. Three days? Psh… that’d have to be an act of… society’s collective weakness.

Sunday, March 27th would have been my father’s 56th birthday.

* in my humble yet educated fucking rational and logical conclusion… bring on the bunny, bitch


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  1. hey! did you get and enjoy “snoopy poop”? it was the best i could do for Easter humor. adult egg hunts at my house rock!

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