Danko Jones Itch: Scratched

The fellow-Clutch-fan guy at work (following my tradition of assigning somewhat obscure aliases to protect the innocent, let’s call him “The Third”, shall we?) hooked me up with a Danko Jones MP3 a while ago. For some reason, tonight I got an itch. If I keep scratching, it’ll get infected.

Back before he worked w/ us, The Foof and The Bike Crash Homey actually asked The Third for advice on some CDs to buy me for my birthday. He suggested—and I gratefully received—some Hatebreed and some Rev. Plus, when The World-Famous Doug and I went to the Clutch show at the Recher in Towson, MD (May 2003)… he was there with his (now) wife. So, it’s safe to say I share a common taste in music with The Third.

Go download some free MP3s from the Danko Jones website. If you’re local, they’re playing at IOTA on May 22nd… which happens to be my Mom’s birthday. IOTA is a couple of doors down from Whitlow’s on Wilson (in Arlington, VA) for those of you who have never been there… which is probably everyone who goes to Whitlow’s. Just sayin’.

If I don’t pay attention to the iTunes and get in a Danko-Funko, I end up getting slammed with “China Girl” by David Bowie… which is a fairly severe “culture shock” of sorts.

Momma, make the bad man go away! But: If you want a little bit of chocolate with your sugar… I can deliver it right to your door.

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