Python’s Insignificant iTunes Dust-Up

Initial cross-reference. The majority of this post is taken from my comment on that site.

Yes, Python is portable; write a good app on one OS, and others will invariably follow. Yet, script kiddies are a lazy bunch. They’d rather drag-and-drop or click luscious buttons in a VB dialog in effort to slightly modify existing code instead of learning to actually *write* code. Yeah, there are the diligent ones who author those “hack the planet” (sorry) apps that the mouth-breathers use… but do you honestly think that Python blips their radar?

At least the news-worthy Python hacks are: a) news-worthy (redundant) and garner attention from people who never knew that Python existed, and b) not focused on writing new and chaotic exploits of Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows or your favorite OS.

As a language alone, Python is no different—and no more attractive to “hackers”—than the raft of other languages that could achieve the same goal. Ultimately, the OS is responsible for whatever “security” or possible circumvention of “security”—DRM or otherwise—regardless of the means to an end.

Full disclaimer: I program in Python, and know absolutely nothing about any other programming language. It really has nothing to do with Python’s portability. Fuckin’ christ… if portability was the issue, then we’d all be subject to Java-based malware… except that we’d probably never wait around long enough for the hack to work.

Supplemental Reading: I don’t give a shit about what application is better than another. Really, I don’t. I will evangelize for Mac and Linux versus any Windows product, but that’s about operating systems; it’s a completely different and philosophical argument.

While this appendix may very well deserve its own MMH post, I will summarize.

I know pico/nano (and some vi) but not emacs. I know more about less than I do about more. I know some Python, yet remain completely ignorant of perl, ruby, C, C++, Fortran, Java, J2EE and what-the-fuck-ever. I know BBEdit; I don’t need to know anything about TextMate. I fucking change permissions octal-wise; I don’t trust chmod +x.

Upshot: If whatever I “know” doesn’t do the job I need it to do… then—and only then—will I pursue a viable alternative. Otherwise, I could give a fuck about your opinion that X does Y better than Z.

My end justifies my means, and I don’t have the free time to weigh also-rans. Yeah, it’s selfish and egotistical to say that, but my shit works.


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  1. Totally don’t understand “not trusting” symbolic modes. it’s shorthand. (In some cases, longhand, as it’s easier to write the octal mode 755 than ‘u=rwx,go=u-w’.)

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