Job Applicants Suck

Yeah, so we have a couple of ads out there for a position at work. The ideal candidate would have to take on a lot of—what is currently my—responsibility. We’ve received plenty of resumes, and a couple of kickass cover letters.

The best candidate to date just spent a couple of days with us. Unfortunately, nobody liked her all that much, and she really couldn’t do the stuff she said she could do. Well… that’s not fair. She could do the stuff she said… but not as well as she’d like us to believe. The proof was in the pudding, and the pudding was stale. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker in itself. People can learn, and people can be trained.

But, when The Foof and I were doing the wrap-up with her, Foofinator tried to spell out exactly our collective concerns about her qualifications for the position, but she didn’t really want to hear, listen nor learn about our reservations. So she immediately interrupted Foof, and changed the subject altogether.

It would have been the perfect opportunity for her to address and allay (as best she could) our concerns. Instead, she hardcore dodged. And, she’d probably hardcore dodge any “real” responsibility that we chose to trust her with.

Sorry, but don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. And… yes… she really was the best candidate to date.