For Shame, Sir… For Shame

A thought process I will never remotely comprehend: I’m going to install a huge, aftermarket spoiler on my car’s rear decklid. Not only will it be an eyesore, but it will also serve to devalue my otherwise reliable import sedan. While the functional aspects of the spoiler elude my herd-mentality-saddled brain, I think it’ll look bad-ass on my front-wheel-drive sled. Plus, my similarly-idiotic friends will tell me it looks “tight”.


3 thoughts on “For Shame, Sir… For Shame

  1. Don’t forget…Stickers can also make your car go faster. Even the ones that say “Kicker” and “Kenwood.”

  2. Dude.. it is ALL about the downdraft. Gotta keep that ’83 Corolla from losing traction!

  3. Of course, my favourite was the off-center wing I saw in Tampa once. Asymetrical for going around corners, I’m assuming. Well, that and the guy is an idiot.

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