To Erin & Joe


I love you, Erin.

Happy birthday, Joe. Sorry I didn’t call. I love you… but in a different way.

2 thoughts on “To Erin & Joe

  1. Why is it that men can’t tell other men that they love them without some kind of I’m-not-a-homosexual disclaimer? Seriously, we all know you’re straight, Gary. We also know you love your friends. It’s an admirable quality.

    Okay, I’m through with my mini rant now.

    Happy BDay, Erin and Joe (belatedly).

  2. I don’t see how “but in a different way” automatically conveys an “I’m-not-homosexual” disclaimer. Think about it. I love you, Joe… but in a different way… (extrapolate)

    – because no one appreciates your rubber sheets like I do.

    – nobody pegs me like you, baby.

    – KY just doesn’t feel the same without you.

    See? It could *totally* be construed as “I’m a raging homosexual” if you put the imagination to work.

    I was just clarifying that my love for Erin is different than my love for my best friend of 12 years. Maybe it was redundant and unnecessary, but I wrote it anyway. :)

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