New, Old & Possibly Illegal

The New: After waiting a long time (oh, so goddamned long) for some good new metal, I just downloaded the new Trivium release, Ascendancy, from iTMS tonight. After listening to the first few tracks, it’s sure to make Heavy Rotation immediately, but I’ll have to listen closely before writing a review for The Fury.

The Old: After offering free copies of the compilation I put together in prep for the Tampa trip—which I call “Castle Tunes”—only Erin took the bait (damn, I love that woman!). Meanwhile back at the ranch a few weeks later, I just burned two copies for my brother and sis-in-law at his request. I guess it was just too juicy to pass up. Consider that a testimonial of my immaculate taste in music, I guess. Shit, even if you don’t… I’ve already done so.

The Possibly Illegal: In the same email asking for some hardcore “Castle Tunes” action, bro asked me for copies of a couple of NIN bootlegs: Rusty Nails & Rusty Nails II. Back in the day when I was fairly obsessed with NIN, I purchased four “bootleg” discs (actual CDs) from reputable (?) brick-and-mortar shops who happened to have online stores at that point or, y’know, random PFYs on Usenet. This was pre-1999, and way before that whole online music sharing fiasco. Hence, the “possibly illegal” part.

Anyway, what my brother doesn’t realize (at least until he reads this post) is that I’m going to send him all four of my “original” NIN bootlegs. Of course, I’m going to rip them to MP3 first, but only for archival purposes. I haven’t listened to any of these CDs in probably 6 years, so I’m not going to take a huge entertainment hit at yoking him with the discs. If he can get some cash on Ebay for them, especially with a new NIN coming out sometime soon, then all the best. Hell, if you want ‘em, mang, I’ll give you my Metallica boots, too.

The only thing I ask, bro, is that you use the profit/proceeds to buy beer. Or dog treats for your wolfpack. Or hockey paraphernalia. Is that too much to ask?

Late Update: My bro apparently wins more free iTMS downloads by way of his Mt. Dew addiction than I win free Diet Cokes via my… um… Diet Coke addiction. Homes hooked me up with three free download codes, which actually worked. I could not squander free-Chico-codes on some random bullshit… so I hooked myself up with some digitally-remastered Iron Maiden action: Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast, and Can I Play with Madness… fucking phenomenal! Thanks, bro.

2 thoughts on “New, Old & Possibly Illegal

  1. It’s funny that you should bring up Trivium…. I just listened to the whole new album with commentary and interviews last night on the metal channel. It was an artist spotlight block at around 2:00 am. These guys are really young (most of em’ are like 22ish)and have a lot going on with this album.

    Their guitar playing and vocals kind of remind me of Avenged Sevenfold, but with a song structuring of 36 Crazyfists. Great fuckin combo if you ask me.

    This will probably be one of my next music purchases. Just hooked up the new BLS today (Black Label Society)…. not impressed. Zack is blowin it these days… but, if you want some real chunky shit… wait till April 5th, and pick up COC’s new disk. It’s gonna be the shit. Check out the sample of “stone crusher” @

  2. How are winning purchases identified with those bottles? Is it printed on the underside of the cap, visible when you flip the cap over? If so, Pepsi had a similar promotion last year and there was a way to be a guaranteed winner everytime.

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