Guns Go Bang

Gregg and I went shooting today at the Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly. I forgot how much fun and how relaxing it is going to the range to squeeze off a few rounds. It must have been at least eight years since the last time I went to an indoor firing range in Tampa.

They didn’t have any .32 ammunition, so we ran through three boxes of 9mm bullets in about an hour. Just like I used to do when shooting with Dad, I was hitting low and to the left (I tense my wrist in anticipation of the shot until I remember not to). After the first few clips, I got used to his gun and calmed down a bit. Aim high right, and bam started hitting the black pretty consistently. I even took off the top of the X at the center with one of the shots. Hitting the X with a 9mm is definitely more rewarding than hitting a red bullseye with a dart. It’s louder, too… and there’s fun confetti!

It was awesome. Thanks, man… we gotta’ do that again soon.


One thought on “Guns Go Bang

  1. That is one of the things I miss about living in Tampa/US. I loved going to the gun range. A few times I went with Michelle’s then-Miami police weapons trainer cop cousin. I could now pass a few of their requirements, including being able to fire 2 shots in 3 seconds from the waist from a draw and hit the target in the “meat”. :)

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