Instead of being a good boy and cutting my hair like I’d planned… I got sucked into watching “Dope Sick Love” on HBO tonight. It’s a documentary about two “couples” living day-to-day on the streets in NYC, trying to score cash for heroin and crack. Yet, they’re “couples”.

I can’t decide whether this documentary is trying to be “noble” by nominally focusing on the “relationships” between these four junkies… or just using my fascination with horrible things I can’t stop looking at… as a ploy to keep me watching.

Fuck it. I’m going to go cut my hair. I am a good boy. There might be a happy ending for those people (the show’s not over yet), but my happy ending involves right- and left-side taper attachments.

Damn, I need a fix. ;)

One thought on “Rubber-Necking

  1. I got semi-sucked into that, too. Rubber necking is a good word — those people were train wrecks. I was flipping back and forth, so I don’t know what all happened, but I’m pretty sure that it was not a happy ending.

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