Killswitch “Bonus” Disc

The End of Heartache re-release happened, and it’s got a bonus disc. I hate when fuckers re-release a CD that I already bought with “bonus” content. That tack forces a music-buyer to make one of two horrible choices: 1) don’t buy the new kickass music until the re-release, or 2) suck some corporate cock and pay 2.5 times the price of the original release CD and own two copies of the same disc… plus one that might have a song I like.

I guess they’re counting on that subset of people who bought the initial release and totally dig it (incl. me) to be frothed-up and chubby to get new [band name] ASAFP. Knowing there won’t be another new release from [band name, here Killswitch Engage], this is my only opportunity. That, plus all the other people who kinda’ sorta’ heard that [band name, release] was great, and decide to pay to get two CDs for the price of one and a half.

Upshot: “Bonus” is pronounced: bone-us… as in the fans.

iTunes Music Store offers the KsE bonus-disc download for US$5.94 (I hope this trend continues), and individual songs for $0.99 (SOP). What does this bonus disc offer? Two new songs, an alt. version of a song on the original release (which, IMHO, sucks when compared), three live tracks, and four songs from other bands… hrm… intriguing… also on the Roadrunner label. I understand the concept of cross-pollination (I have a degree in biology, y’know), but the fact remains that one, maybe two, of those other bands are kinda’ sorta’ worth considering listening to. Just for the sake of argument, let’s call them “Trivium” and “Still Remains”. The other two suck rhinoceros sputum, so their sales are worse than poor, and Roadrunner’s just trying to break even.

It’s shameful.


2 thoughts on “Killswitch “Bonus” Disc

  1. Hmmm… Seems as if Roadrunner has a history of this sort of thing. I recall purchasing a beloved Fear Factory release, then a few months later, they re-released it again with 5 bone-us tracks… one of which was the remake of “Cars” with Gary Neuman. Those fuckin gerbil stuffers… they got me twice.

  2. Lamb of God is playing in Norfolk soon-ish. Is that the same thing you’re talking about?

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